Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Legacy

The Legacy of a Patriarchal Church

Growing up in a patriarchal church handicaps a woman for decades.  Following is a compilation of the many ways a woman suffers from a childhood of hierarchical teaching drawing from my own experience. This is not a legacy you want to leave to your daughters . . . or sons either.
How to recognize a woman who grew up in patriarchal church environments:

Sculpture of Katharina von Bora before and after marriage to Martin Luther. Original in the house where she died in Torgau, Germany.

She regrets many missed opportunities to . . .
            apply for jobs, grants, and scholarships for which she did not feel qualified.
            ask for appropriate wages.
apply for jobs requiring leadership skills.
speak up, contribute ideas, add to a conversation.
find mentors, take advantage of mentors.

She is genuinely . . .
content to volunteer her skills which she doesn’t believe deserve payment.
amazed if an employer would ever pay her to increase her skills.
certain she must work twice harder than other employees.
amazed if a male elder or pastor sits down with her and asks, “what’s on your mind?”

She is convinced . . .
if she gets a job, it is because no one else is available.
if someone more qualified comes along, she will be replaced.
someone else, especially men, can do it better.
her best is never good enough. She must be perfect.
female and feminine is inherently inferior.
she is too ugly, old, short, young, weak, or not cool enough to get a job.
if a man has half the credentials, he will get the job.

She lacks self-respect so she . . .
            does not demand respect from others.
sits in the back row. First -class is too good for her.
defers to even much younger men, including brothers.
hesitates to ask questions.
occupies the minimum amount of space.
pretends to understand more than she does.
feels dreams are delusions; hope will disappoint.

In relationships, she feels she . . .
           must always defer to others or she will lose friends.
does not deserve good opportunities that come her way.
good opportunities will disappear as fast as they appear.
must share or deflect praise; escapes being in the center of attention.
must do the lion’s share of maintaining a relationship.
is naïve, if she is taken advantage of it is her fault.
expects people to talk to her only if no one more interesting is available.
is used to people looking through her or over her shoulder.
if a friend or spouse leaves, it is her fault.
will only attract a “flawed” spouse, she must “settle” because no one better will like her.

Personally she . . .
                has been taught to distrust her intuition, emotions, feelings.
                feels that men’s rational, logical thinking is superior to her haphazard thinking.
                tends to talk too loud because that is the only way she gets attention.
                talks too fast because she only gets limited time with important people.
                knows that when men in dark suits approach her, she will be reprimanded.
                is afraid to challenge men, backs down easily when challenged.
                Quickly gives others the benefit-of-the-doubt.

When she reads the Bible she . . .
understands it was written by men for men.
must always filter between verses for men only and verses that include her.
knows if empowered women appear in the Bible, they are explained away.
does not trust her own understanding.

She assumes that God . . .
                puts her “on hold” until a more convenient time.

                has more important people in line for his attention.
                does not speak to her, men are more important.
                has no call for her; only men are “called.”
She notes that . . .
young men get opportunities. Older women never got offers when they were young. Now they are old, they are not considered worth investing in.
when she offers her ideas, no one pays attention. When a man suggests the same thing, it is applauded.
A residue of sin remains in women that the cross did not erase. Brought to light by the various restrictions.


  1. This post was just amazing. How beautifully you explained and wrote the topic is just amazing. Love your work and hope to get more similar writings in mean time.

    1. Bless you for noticing. A great encouragement to me. We cannot let another generation of girls to suffer from this.