Bold Girls Speak

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  1. I am concerned for the spiritual development of today's youth and their lack of Bible literacy. Both boys and girls are bombarded with an overwhelming number of unhealthy messages in advertising, entertainment, and social networking. I am particularly alarmed at the pressures faced by young women and the lack of good resources to challenge them. Even much Christian literature reinforces passivity and enhancing physical attractiveness. Our daughters need to be empowered to effect change and develop leadership skills.
    My short Bible stories for kids offer biblical examples of problem-solving girls. Most characters have been uprooted from familiar surroundings to live in foreign cultures. They survive by their ingenuity and faith in God.
    The reading level is accessible for children in grades 3- 6. The subject matter is within limits that teachers and parents find age-appropriate, yet will hold the interest of today's curious and world-wise students. The readers are transported to biblical places and times. Teachers and students alike will greatly increase Bible literacy from the time of Moses to the end of Paul's ministry. The discussion questions can be selected according to the interests and maturity of the class.
    Many fascinating stories of young women are tucked away in the pages of the Bible. In most cases, the girls are unnamed; their actual ages can only be judged from their activities. These girls are just waiting to be discovered and teach memorable lessons of inspiration and empowerment to young readers today.
    What about the boys? These stories indeed feature girls as main characters, but boys can and should learn from them. All characters of the Bible are intended for the inspiration of all readers. I do have a few boys stories in mind which I may write in the future, but right now there is a need for girls to have more role models from the Bible.