Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Laments from Childhood: “Will I Ever Really Belong?”
by Mary Stromer Hanson

“Jesus Loves Me This I know,” but he loves the boys more.
“Faith of our Fathers,” but the faith of the mothers is not notable.
“Dare to be a Daniel,” but do girls ever do noble deeds?
“Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing,” but not me, only the men.
“A father, husband, or oldest son must be your head.”
So what is wrong with my own head?
“The twelve disciples are all men,” so I am excluded yet again.

God, you made me a woman, but despise me for being what I am?
If I love you with all my heart, why don’t you love me back?
Do my prayers not soar so high, do you not hear me so well?
Will my arms never be long enough, my voice loud enough?
Will I ever be included even after 1,000,000 years in heaven?

Praise God for new songs, new stories, new lessons, new life!

This was written at a very low point many years ago.
I just found it again. Thank you to CBE, the many authors,
teachers, and mentors who have aided my recovery.