Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mary Did As Mothers Do

Kaethe Kollwitz 1867-1945  a Prussian artist mostly influenced by the German Expressionist. She lost a son in WW1 and a grandson in WWII. She was most interested in drawing the suffering of the working class and greatly impacted by the wars.
"There has been enough of dying! Let not another man fall!"

Mary Stromer Hanson April 2016

 Mary Did As Mothers Do 

                                            Mary did as mothers do.                                              
She drew him under her scarf,
If sharp winds suddenly blew.
Or wrapped him in her skirt,
He noted the hen too lowered her wings,
Over her chicks frightened,
Of dangers, she taught him what she knew,
When overhead an eagle flew.
One day they drew lots for his coat.
Did she teach him how to die?

Mary did as mothers do,
And Joseph too, in the cool of the grove,
They taught him where the olives grew.
To seek solitude and sustenance,
In trees where he rested and prayed.
He selected wood with strength and straight
Grain to build tables and good things.
They taught him work that satisfied.
Then one day a tree was felled. 
Did they teach him how to die?

Mary did as mothers do.
She hastened not where the poor
Hoped for healing or sight renewed.
He saw those begging for crumbs or coins.
She taught him to care, 
And showed how blessings are shared.
One day he was anointed king,
His feet were washed by her who cried,
He received the oil over his head.
Did she teach him how to die?

Mary did as mothers do.
On that day the angel Gabriel came.
Obedience the only answer she knew.
“May it be unto me as you say.”
This son of the house of David born
By the power of the most high.
As she obeyed so did he,
The call of the Father not denied.
One day he faced Jerusalem.
Did she teach him how to die?