Sunday, June 4, 2017

Mary’s Pentecost           
poem by Mary Stromer Hanson
art by Gisele Bauche, Canadian

Love at your first breath,                             
My death at your last,
The tomb you escaped,
We embraced, we ate,
Forgot past sadness.

Swallowed in a cloud.
How does a mother
Contain all of this?
Here and gone again.
Enough, no further!

Forty short days, Jesus
I hardly left your side,
You promise to return
Exactly as you rose
by clouds in the sky.

Now wind, tongues,
Of flames on our heads,
Maid servants will prophesy!
It is true, I am blessed,
As the angel Gabriel said.

Your comfort is with us,
In this Spirit you sent,
I feel your breath again.
As you were here before,
I ponder these things.

My other children,
have taken me in.
Yet my first is still here,
I am content now to die

In peace and oblivion. 

1 comment:

  1. This was such a nice poem! Also love the illustration at the top! I love everything with colors in it and it went well with the poem