Wednesday, December 21, 2016

She He Never Blamed

Poem: Mary Stromer Hanson
"She He Never Blamed"
December 2016

Artist: Mina Anton
Cairo, Egypt  2013

"John 8 Woman Taken in Adultery"

She He Never Blamed                  Dec 2016
He laid no blame on her now.
Nor ever. Did he hear the taunts?
Absorb their darts of disdain?
Born of immorality they rant
In derision of his own Mother,
She could have been stoned,
If she were caught in The Act.
Jesus also bore her pain and
On such as her, he laid no blame.

His ancient mothers Rehab,
Bathsheba, Ruth, and Tamar.
Wombs used bravely despite
Deceit to further Jessie’s line.
How did they bear the shame?
Unborn waiting to be born.
His ancestry of uncertain fame,
Boldly proclaimed at his birth.
On mothers, he laid no blame.

The woman spilled blood
Unclean a disgrace shunned.
Jesus did not abhor the stain,
With no angry refrain, he healed.
A woman again unnamed,
Cried and kissed his feet.
How could a prophet not know?
That in this city she is profane.
“Go in peace I lay no blame.”

Stones raised against her,
He could see his mother.
Forced to drink the cup of dust
From the temple floor as the
Priests were quoted.
The adulteress condemned
Miscarries, barren, cursed.
Jesus bent to write in the dust.
Who of you have not sinned?

No one remains? A fetus saved?
On a woman he never laid blame.

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  1. This is one of the most beautiful and interesting poems i have ever read. Even i couldn't stop the reading it from start to finish. I like the way you separate the paragraphs.