Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Meet the Bold Girls of the Bible

Meet the Bold Girls of the Bible

How many children mentioned in the Bible can you name? A few boys immediately come to mind, such as the young David, Samuel, and Daniel, but what about girls? No, I do not mean women. The illustrious list of much-studied women of the Old Testament, such as Sarah, Deborah, and Esther, have been immortalized in fictionalized accounts of their lives enjoyed by adult readers. The beloved Mary of Nazareth, Mary Magdalene, and the sisters Mary and Martha are often visited in Bible studies.
Did you know that the stories of a number of young women are hidden in the pages of the Bible? In most cases, the girls are unnamed. The actual ages, for all but one, can only be judged from their activities, and most receive only the slightest mention tucked within more momentous events. These girls are just waiting to be discovered and teach important lessons of inspiration and empowerment for young readers today.

I have a deep concern for the healthy development of youth today. Both boys and girls are bombarded with an overwhelming number of unhealthy messages in advertising, movies, and social networking. I am particularly alarmed at the pressures faced by young women and the lack of good resources to help them. The choice from among secular books includes fiction about vampire boyfriends and a barrage of sexually explicit and violent novels. Even Christian literature reinforces passivity and enhancing physical attractiveness. Christian girls need to be aware of their power to effect change and develop leadership skills.
My short stories offer girls biblical examples of problem-solving girls. The characters have been uprooted in foreign cultures or they are challenged to adapt and survive using non-traditional skills. They serve as examples to modern young women, but at the same time take the readers to biblical times and places.

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